Photographs of the village of Buriton in East Hampshire


The area known as the "Links". If you follow in the direction of the camera you will eventually come to the old Petersfield golf course, about 2 miles away. It is not thought locally that the name come from this connection but nobody really knows the derivation. The channel at the bottom is a small stream bed (almost dry when this photo was taken) that joins the River Rother near Petersfield.


Taken from just a little way from the previous picture (near the back of the Hop Loft, for anyone who knows the area) and looking toward the backs of the houses in North Lane.


In the shadow of the Hop Loft is this cottage - traditional construction for the area and quite "chocolate box" in character.


Looking from the footpath leading to the hangers above the railway tunnel this is the view - to the left foreground are the outbuildings of the old Manor House while the new Manor House can be seen to the right in the distance. The buildings in between the two are in North Lane.



The old Manor House, which was substantially altered by the father of Edward Gibbon (of 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' fame), sits alongside St. Marys church.


St. Mary's.


In front of the church is the village duck pond - the ducks were off having a siesta - with the wall of the old Rectory in the background. Most photos are taken from the roadway at the other end of the pond - I just tried to be a bit more clever with my photo angles. Not to be recommended in high summer!


A view looking along the High Street in the direction of the school. The old Rectory is to your left and the church is behind you.


As you walk along the High Street,opposite the school, you will find the 'Five Bells' public house, parts of which date from the fifteenth century (allegedly - although the building was heavily altered in the eighteenth century). As good a place as any to quench ones thirst.


Alongside the 'Five Bells' - although I can't say that the two are connected - is the building known as the "Poor House"! The building was originally built in 1791 and added to at a later date.


As a 'proper' village we have a church, a duck pond and two public houses, so one has a choice. (There used to be a Methodist chapel as well so one could have a choice of religion but that is long gone) The public house at the crossroads of Kiln Road (to the left), Petersfield Road (to the right) Greenway Lane (straight on) and the High Street (from where the photo is taken) is nowadays called "The Master Robert Inn" but had previously been known as "The Maple".



Buriton Heritage Bank

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I hope you have enjoyed this short guided tour around some of the village.




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