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This page will consist of images of model railways/railroading. As a member of the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) my main area of current interest is modelling the Chesapeake and Ohio and the Pennsylvania (with a nod to many other nearby railroads) in the 1960s.
Following visits to the mid-west of the USA a developing interest is the study of the railroads in this area. The recent proliferation of models of Santa Fe origin is witness to this.

See below for links to my efforts at modelling US diesel locomotives and the comments about modelling specific prototypes - links and pictures toward the foot of this page.

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This page will link to the pages of the British Region of the NMRA.


In the meantime. to give you all something to look at (!), here is a tribute to a model railway layout that, like Monty Python's parrot, is no more. For several years it was my great delight and an honour to be included as part of the operating team for David and Nigel Yule's layout "Disentis/Muster". The last show was at Chatham in 1996 and nearly everyone who had operated over the years got to have a go. Fond memories.

As a thank you to David and Nigel here is a picture of the real thing, taken back in 1988. At least on the model we never got to run more than one section of the "Glacier Express" as happened this day! The Furka Oberalp end of the station was getting ready to receive the train from the RhB.



The US Diesel Locomotive Modelling Section

- follow the links to the various models and see the pictures and the comments on modelling specific prototypes in HO. Each page has details as to how I altered commercial model locomotives to more closely match the prototype.

Chesapeake & Ohio BL2 84      from the Lifelike Proto2000 model

Chesapeake & Ohio F7 7046      from the Athearn model

Pennsylvania Railroad SW1 8593      from the Walthers model

Pennsylvania Railroad H12-44 9297      from the Walthers model

Nickel Plate GP18 703      from the Lifelike Proto2000 model

Missouri Pacific SD40-2 3158      from the Athearn model

Santa Fe GP50 3835      from the Athearn model

Burlington (C&S) SD9 825      from the Lifelike Proto2000 model

Santa Fe GP20 1150      from the Lifelike Proto2000 model

Santa Fe U23B 6301      from the Atlas model

Southern Railroad U33C 3807      from the Atlas model

Santa Fe GP7 2679      from the Lifelike Proto2000 model




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