Welcome to the Buriton Wheelbarrow.

What on earth is a Buriton Wheelbarrow I hear you saying (unless you've been here before in which case you've gone straight to the links at the bottom of the page) and, as the saying goes, that's a very good question.

Two part answer.

Buriton is a medium sized village two and half miles outside Petersfield in East Hampshire. Like any good village it has a Church, duck pond and two pubs! To find out more about Buriton follow the link below.

Wheelbarrow is a somewhat more convoluted link. Part of the Web Site (well most really) is a display of Railway Photography. During travels through Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s friends and I were constantly struck by the paraphernalia dotted around locomotive depots. The common denominator, regardless of country, was a wheelbarrow.

I have always joked that if I ever started a photo library I would call it Wheelbarrow. This isn't exactly a photo library as the scanned images are not the quality of the original silver halide slides or negatives (the electronic image hasn't got that far yet) but I hope that they will entertain. Oh, and of course, there is usually at least one with a wheelbarrow somewhere!

What else is on the Buriton Wheelbarrow Web Site?


Images and some background information on the village. Also includes information about the Buriton Heritage Bank project and a link to the Heritage Bank web site.

Wheelbarrow Rail

Photographs of railway subjects from around the world.

Also featuring US Rosters

Compilations of the major railroads' locomotives - put into an English-style format. Downloadable pdf

.... includes renumbering editions of BNSF and UP !!!

Model Railways (or Railroading)

Pictures and notes of my attempts at modelling US prototype diesel locomotives - as eclectic a mix as the photographic pages!



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