This is the most recently completed model in my collection. I had been in possession of an un-dec Proto2000 GP7 for quite some while but hadn't decided to do anything specifically with it. The Colorado model no longer had any need - I kept the friends and left the model club we belonged to where the layout still resides. But I had all these Santa Fe models and more in the pipeline for the NMRA modules that my local group build. Out with the Paired Rail Publications books of Dr. Cinthia Priest on Santa Fe engines and a prototype was selected.

Most of the detailing was done in the paint job but minor alterations were required to the cut outs above the fuel tank, the seam in the fuel tank was filled in (Lifelike model a tank for both fuel and boiler water) and the truck sideframes were replaced with Athearn ones to which a speed indicator was fitted on the appropriate axle.

The only major alterations were in the type and position of the horns (early single note types being fitted) and the arrangement of the radio antenna. This was a Detail West can type on a ground plane of styrene which had a connection line of bent wire added as in the prototype picture. These can be seen clearly in the photo below. Paint and decals, a light weathering and a white LED light assembly completed things (The white LED assembly 'blew up' during its first extended running session! I've still to strip it down and find out why. I think the ease of DCC is calling!!!)

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