As I mentioned in the comments about the Mopac SD40-2 I purchased the GP50 at the same time. Shortly after this I came across a spare body at an NMRA meet which had the advantage of having a dynamic brake. So now I was in possession of two bodies, one chassis and no idea! I started scouring the model press and found two articles in different publications about modelling Santa Fe GP50 locomotives. Well, I've always been deeply impressed by the Santa Fe in person, as it were, so I thought - why not?

The vast amount of changes needed to the Athearn body were concentrated on and around the roof of the cab and in front of the dynamic brake assembly so I took this opportunity to use a Cannon replacement cab and short hood assembly for the first time. This can be built up as a discrete unit and joined with the main body at a later date. The main additions are the air conditioning and the various antenna units and their assciated piping plus the raised horn fitting used by Santa Fe. Both magazine articles had good photographs of the roof layouts on the prototype - a great help to all modellers.

The trucks used by the Santa Fe on these models were the revised Blomberg type which, fortunately, are available from DA or TSP. The difference from the traditional EMD two axle truck is significant and is more noticeable when painted in the Santa Fe specified silver paint. The model never got the chain across the front and rear handrails as I didn't have any to hand at the time I finished off everything else. Seeing these photos reminds me that I have to go back and refit them!

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