Another Lifelike offering that started out as something else. I bought a N&W liveried model as it was the only decent priced version I could get with the dynamic brake. A quick visit to the paint stripper and it was ready for conversion to a Santa Fe engine for the Colorado model. Once again much studying of photographs and published material showed that there were decisions to make.

Santa Fe bought their GP20s in two batches that came with different fan grille arrangements. I seem to remember that I changed the P2K versions for the ones here but I can't remember whose make I used. The earlier type with the flared extension were used on the first order and the type in the picture on the later prototypes. (Anybody modelling the Santa Fe GP20 in later days shoud check photographs as the fan housings tended to get swapped around during maintenance - proper mix and match time) The two other main alterations to the bodyshell were the addition of a box made of styrene to represent the cab control equipment fitted to the Santa Fe engines and the alteration to the model's exhaust cowl. The Santa Fe fitted a style very similar to the one I have modelled - again built from styrene. I think it should have a grille inside to act as a spark arrestor but I can't find a decent picture looking down yet - hence the unfinished look to the inside of it. Relocation of the horns and a can radio antenna on the roof of the cab completed the major detail differences. This was made from a wooden kebab stick sanded down to the correct size - I would use the Details West cast alternative now but it wasn't available at the time.

The other main alterations to the loco don't show up in this photo. The Santa Fe GP20 locomotives re-used Blomberg trucks from traded-in F units and had the large square axleboxes when delivered - the condition that I have modelled. Replacement Athearn sideframes and axleboxes from Detail Associates took care of this problem.

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