What do you know about life in Buriton in years gone by ?

Or about the local natural history ?

Would you like to find out more ?

Do you have some information that might be of interest to others ?


Buriton has an active ‘Village Association’ which researches the local history of the parish, arranges a number of talks, walks and meetings each year and works with the Parish Council to support the interests of the area - its residents and its environment.

In January 2001 the Village Association commenced work on a two-year ‘Heritage Bank’ project to research and promote the heritage of the parish. Topics to be researched include:

A series of exhibitions will be held in the Village Hall during 2001, 2002 and 2003 and the work will culminate in the production of leaflets, booklets and maps for residents and visitors. The work is being supported by grant funding from the Countryside Agency, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Nationwide Building Society and the East Hampshire AONB.

The Association is keen to hear from anyone with a knowledge of (or information about) Buriton’s heritage. Please contact Doug Jones at 17 Bones Lane, Buriton, Hants GU31 5SE (heritage@buriton.org.uk).


The Association has now produced a Web Page with a fuller description of the Heritage Bank project. To visit follow the link below :-



During 1999/2000, members of the Buriton Village Association helped to produce a Village Design Statement for the parish which received praise not only for its content and clarity, but also for the innovative range of activities used to engage the local community throughout its preparation.

The exercise, which was encouraged by the Parish Council but co-ordinated by a group of volunteers, gave the local community the opportunity to identify what it is that is special about local buildings, open spaces and landscape settings and to explain local characteristics and qualities that they value.

Adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance by East Hampshire District Council in January 2000, the Design Statement has subsequently proved very valuable in the consideration of planning applications and appeals.

The Buriton Village Design Group has produced a special " What worked for us " leaflet which may help other communities produce Village Design Statements. It explains how the Buriton group went about its work and identifies a number of key messages which may be of value to others. Copies of the leaflet, which include a copy of the full-colour VDS, are available for £5 from Doug Jones, 17 Bones Lane, Buriton, Hants GU31 5SE. Cheques should be made payable to Buriton Village Design Group.

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