Buriton -- what does the village look like?


Photographs will appear here of the village and village life (or at least the ducks on the pond!)

Photographs of the ducks on the pond are still to come but to see some scenes of the village follow this link :-

Buriton Village Photographs

Buriton Heritage Bank

Find out about the Buriton Heritage Bank project, the work of the Village Association, the Village Design Statement and useful contacts. Click the above link.


In the meantime here is a photograph of the bottom of the Recreation Ground - the fact that a railway line runs past it is, of course, a complete coincidence!

The VSOE pullman set is a frequent visitor to Portsmouth. In early 1997, on a particularly foul day, 35028 "Clan Line" heads up the bank towards Buriton Tunnel sounding especially fine.





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